About the Security Governance Group

Advancing security and governance through
knowledge and innovation

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Mark Sedra and Geoff Burt, the Security Governance Group is a private research and consulting firm specializing in the security and governance dimensions of state building, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction. Headquartered in Kitchener, Canada, the firm combines grassroots, field-based practitioner experience and policy expertise with excellence in research and analysis. SGG staff and associates have been at the forefront of policy and practice in the security sector reform field.

In addition to our experienced staff and associates, we maintain a global, multidisciplinary roster of experts, carefully selected to provide varied thematic, geographic and policy expertise. Our staff, associates and expert roster members can be rapidly deployed to meet client needs. Among the wide range of services we offer are: on-demand research; project assessments, monitoring and evaluation; project management; risk analysis and reporting; and training and capacity building. Innovation is one of our core values. We seek to leverage technology, utilizing tools such as eConferencing to expand the scope and impact of our work.  All of our work is tailored to meet the needs of our clients, whether it is a government body, intergovernmental agency, non-governmental organization or private business.

Our Mission

Stable, people-centred, well-governed and rights-respecting security and justice institutions form the bedrock of prosperous democratic societies. We are committed to assisting fragile and conflict-affected states, and the external donors supporting them, to undertake reform and transformation processes to achieve this end. Simply speaking, our mission is to help our clients expand security and access to justice for individuals, communities and vulnerable populations across the world.

Our Values

The SGG is guided by certain overarching values that guide are work regardless of the project or context in which we are working:

We are research driven. Our business is based on the belief that well-designed and rigorous research is the key to successful policy and programming. Our starting point for any project is to develop a thorough and multi-faceted understanding of the local context in which we are working, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools and methodological approaches. This foundation allows us to properly adapt and contextualize assistance and advice to particular environments.

We are innovation driven. We are committed to bringing cutting-edge policy, practitioner and academic ideas into our work. We also strongly believe in the utility of technological tools to share ideas, coordinate actors, disseminate information and form networks. Whether we are providing research, training, programming or eConference services, we strive to be innovative.

We are collaboration driven. We work closely with a diverse set of partner organizations and talented individuals from across the world, both north and south. Our approach is to work with local-level expertise in the countries and regions in which we operate. We also employ a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on experts and practitioners from a range of fields and backgrounds. Our staff, associates and expert roster reflect this philosophy.

We are results driven. Our experienced staff and associates have a proven track record of translating ideas and expertise in state building, peace building and security sector reform into policy and programming impacts. We have developed a range of specialized research, analytical, assessment and evaluation tools to ensure that we deliver consistent, timely and reliable outputs to our clients.