Expert Roster

Our Approach

At the SGG, we firmly believe that human capacity is the key to successful security and governance programming in fragile, failed and conflict-affected states. Accordingly, matching the right expertise from our staff, associates and expert roster to the project and personnel needs of our clients is a core goal of the SGG.

If your program or project requires a key expert with a specialized skill set or body of knowledge, the SGG can match an expert from our roster to meet your staffing requirements. 


Why Use Our Roster?

The Security Governance Group maintains an extensive roster of experts from a range of professional backgrounds, including academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Members of our roster have expertise in all facets of SSR and related disciplines, including: policing, military, justice and legal systems, legislative and executive governance, DDR, gender, transitional justice, and civil society. Our expert roster is also geographically and linguistically diverse. All applicants to the expert roster are carefully reviewed and vetted by SGG staff to ensure quality control. SGG experts can, and have, served in a variety of field and headquarters-based roles for client organizations from trainers and project managers to technical advisors and researchers. They can be deployed quickly and receive ongoing support from the SGG.

Joining the Expert Roster

We are always looking to add qualified candidates to our expert roster. The SGG actively seeks to match out expert roster members with consulting and programming opportunities. The SGG charges a small overhead fee for every project and position successfully secured.

Successful applicants should be available to take on projects and feature the following minimum qualifications:

  1. 5 years of experience in SSR or related fields;
  2. One year of field experience in an SSR setting;
  3. Professional, policy or academic experience in a core area of SSR (e.g. governance, military, police, legal systems, civil society etc.); and
  4. An academic degree, diploma or professional qualification in a field relevant to SSR.

If you are interested and possess appropriate skills and experience, please complete our application form below. All applicants are carefully vetted by the SGG team.