Our Approach

The Security Governance Group specializes on security and governance transitions in fragile, failed, and conflict-affected states. We have a global reach and can draw on a wealth of expertise from our associates and expert roster.

Our services can be divided into four distinct work streams: Research, Training, Programming, and eConferencing.

Areas of Expertise
The SGG has deep experience and a robust track record on a number specific topics and issues, including: security sector reform; rule of law development; transitional justice; demilitarization; anti-human trafficking; and counter-terrorism and radicalization. We have undertaken projects in a wide range of different regions, including: South and Central Asia, West Africa, Central America, the Middle East and the Caribbean. A listing of our projects and activities in these areas and beyond can be found here.

On-Demand Research: We undertake assessments, environmental scans and mapping exercises to test the feasibility of specific projects, and provide baseline data for long-term programming.

Conflict & Risk Analysis: We provide specialized conflict and risk analysis tailored to the needs and interests of our clients, whether they are private sector businesses looking for investment opportunities, or governments, international agencies and non-governmental organizations aiming to establish aid programs in troubled environments. Our reports can be customized to specific sectors and geographic regions, or offer comprehensive country-wide conflict and risk mapping.

Assessments: We can assist in the design of research projects for clients, which draw on a range of research methods and approaches. In addition to the research design, the SGG can provide training on its implementation and the use of appropriate research tools.

Research Help Desk: The SGG provides on-going research support to organizations and individuals on international security issues. Proficient in a range of research methods and approaches, experienced SGG staff and associates can provide remote research assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Training & Capacity Building: We have extensive experience designing and conducting training and capacity-building courses for audiences of various backgrounds and levels of expertise. Our training courses cater to both practitioners and policy-makers and are always tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We believe in a dynamic, interactive learning environment, where trainers and participants engage with the material together to solve problems. Our courses can be conducted in person or via our online learning platform.

Curriculum Development: The SGG can design or support the development of training curriculums on specific topics or issues. The SGG bases its curriculum development on thorough needs assessments, and employs state-of-the-art training tools and pedagogical techniques.

Mentoring: We provide specialized mentors for individual or group capacity building in field environments, whether for a short or long-term deployment. We can offer a diverse array of potential mentors from former police and military professionals to administrators and former elected representatives.

Event Design & Management: We have significant experience in designing and managing international conferences and workshops. We offer full service event management solutions, working with our clients to design the event agenda and oversee its content, as well as manage all the logistics, from travel arrangements to event venue and hospitality services. We specialize in the integration of technology in our events, whether it is video conferencing or long-distance virtual participation via our specialized eConferencing platform.

Program & Policy Design: Our staff, associates and expert roster have extensive project and policy design know-how. We can assist in the design of policies at the headquarters level or backstop the building of programs and projects in the field. Our experts have decades of experience at the practitioner and policy-development levels.

Technical Assistance: We provide specialized technical assistance on short- or long-term assignments. Our staff and associates can be quickly deployed and inserted into advisory and support roles. Our expert roster provides a diverse and multidisciplinary pool of talent for our clients to choose from. We match the right expert to our clients’ needs.

Project Management: SGG Associates and expert roster members have extensive project management and leadership experience in a variety of settings, from field level postings to headquarters positions in government and non-governmental organizations. In addition to matching associates and expert roster members to management vacancies of clients in a timely fashion, the SGG provides ongoing administrative and logistical support to facilitate their work.

Monitoring & Evaluation: We can undertake one-time evaluations of particular programs and projects or set up monitoring and evaluation systems to provide real-time feedback on program development, including regular reporting. We apply a range of quantitative and qualitative measures and data collection tools to provide insightful and comprehensive feedback to our clients that they can use to improve policy and programming and assess impact on a rolling basis.

We provide full-service e-conferencing solutions for either fully virtual conferences or hybrid real/virtual events. The benefits of e-conferencing are manifold, from lower costs and logistical red tape, to a smaller environmental footprint and greater inclusivity. We will adapt our platform to client needs, offering high- and reduced-bandwidth solutions, and manage the entire conference experience. We are able to provide a range of services before, during and after the event.

Our platform can also be used for long-distance virtual training and instruction.

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