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The SGG Approach

Hosting an eConference can seem overwhelming. As your virtual conference experience experts, we manage the entire process, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Choose from our full suite of services – from planning and marketing, to event facilitation and follow-up reporting. Our services are completely customizable and priced to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our mission is to make the eConference experience simple, intuitive and enjoyable for our clients.

Uniquely Qualified

The SGG approach to eConferencing is unique. We combine subject matter expertise with technical skills and facilitation services. Our expert staff and associates have extensive backgrounds working in public policy, academia, research and government. This makes us distinctively qualified to help your organization facilitate, plan and deliver an effective and engaging eConference.

Client Driven

Not only a provider of eConference services, we’re a client ourselves. The research and consulting arm of our firm relies heavily on eConferencing technology to advance its work. This deep understanding of client needs has inspired a host of strategies and tools developed to improve your next eConference or webinar. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to creating eConfernece experiences that are dynamic, intuitive and meet client objectives.

Why eConferencing?

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Eliminates high travel, accommodation and venue costs and reduces logistical and procedural red tape, such as arranging travel visas for international participants.


Engage new actors and audiences globally, thanks to lower organizational costs, decreased and flexible time requirements for participants, and the accessibility of the web.

Environmentally Friendly

Drastically reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the need for air travel and ground transportation.

Platform Features


Mobile Collaboration

Participants and presenters can participate in conferences on any mobile device, including Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.


Download-free Registration

A simple registration process that does not require participants to download software.


Collaborative Tools

Easily stream videos, present PowerPoint presentations, share files and documents, collaborate on a white board, and/or share your screen.


High Quality Video

Hold live video presentations and/or sessions with panel speakers in high definition.



Private and secure chats among attendees, individually or in groups.



Customize the ePlatform with your organization’s logo and colours — we’ll even help you design an event logo.



The ePlatform can be tailored to meet the security needs of the client, from basic password protection to more advanced features.


Reporting Functions

Record some, or all, of your eConference.


Engagement Tools

Take advantage of innovative methods to promote participant engagement and retention, such as conducting polls and chat­ based question and answer functions.


Simultaneous Meetings

Support multiple simultaneous meetings and discussions under the umbrella of a single conference event, a useful feature for large conferences with breakaway sessions.


Varied Meeting Styles

Including platform set­up for real­time conferences, extended discussion boards (held over several days or weeks) and hybrid physical/virtual conferences.

Services We Offer

After an initial consultation, we pick the tools and strategies that best match your needs.

Before the Event

ePlatform Set-up
Helping you to select the appropriate tools and platforms for your event to create an attractive and intuitive conference interface.

Branding and Design
Assisting you brand the ePlatform with your organization’s colours and logos or create a logo specific to your virtual event.

Managing event registration, including invitations and attendee lists, making the event as exclusive or open as required.

Developing a marketing strategy to promote public events.

Content Support
Helping to develop and present content for events, including program planning and agenda preparation.

Providing customized training and technical support for eConference participants.

During the Event

Host and Moderate
Hosting, managing and moderating your eConference.

Providing a network of skilled experts, who can be called on to facilitate, lead or monitor discussions.

Technical Support
Providing hands on technical support throughout the meeting.

Monitoring participant engagement, track voting and record Q&A results.

After the Event

Producing specialized surveys and evaluation reports that capture participant feedback.

Publishing professional conference reports that summarize the event and present its findings.

Offering virtual meeting recordings, transcripts and minutes.

Featured Clients

Past conferences we’ve hosted and clients we continue to serve:

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