Research Services

Research Approach

The Security Governance Group is a research-based consultancy firm. We believe that rigorous research and analysis informs good policy and programming and we bring this philosophy to every project that we take on.

We believe today’s security and justice challenges require new and creative thinking to move beyond present orthodoxy. That’s why one of our core values is innovation. We challenge conventional ideas and push the boundaries of existing policy models and practitioner templates.

Going Beyond the Headquarters

Producing outstanding, policy-relevant research requires going beyond the headquarters to gain field-based, hands-on perspectives. Our staff and associates have extensive field experience and come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines allowing comprehensive and nuanced perspectives. We bridge the academic-practitioner and policy-practice divides, assembling teams that can operate comfortably in each of these worlds.

Research Features

Field & Desk-Based

SGG researchers have extensive field and desk-based experience. We undertake research projects in some of the most difficult environments on earth. The SGG can draw on a wealth of geographic and issue-specific expertise from our staff, associates, and specially vetted expert roster.

Mixed Methods

The SGG employs a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methods in its work, including: polling and surveys; focus groups; statistical modeling and analysis; media scanning; structured and semi-structured interviews; and archival research.

Peer Reviewed

All of our research outputs are rigorously peer reviewed internally and externally to ensure quality control. The SGG draws on a network of prominent global experts to peer review its work.

Fast & Affordable

Whether it’s a short-term project assessment or a multi-year research study, the SGG is committed to completing every project on time and within budget. Our research services are completely customizable and priced to meet every organization’s unique needs.

On-Demand Research

We take on research projects of any size from short-term desk-based assignments conducted in a matter of days, to long-term field-based projects over several months or even years. We can conduct research on any topic or area related to security issues in fragile, failed and conflict-affected states.


We undertake assessments, environmental scans and mapping exercises to test the feasibility of specific projects, and provide baseline data for long-term programming.

Conflict & Risk Analysis

We provide specialized conflict and risk analysis tailored to the needs and interests of our clients, whether they are private sector businesses looking for investment opportunities, or governments, international agencies and non-governmental organizations aiming to establish aid programs in troubled environments. Our reports can be customized to specific sectors and geographic regions, or offer comprehensive country-wide conflict and risk mapping.

Research Help Desk

The SGG provides on-going research support to organizations and individuals on international security issues. Proficient in a range of research methods and approaches, experienced SGG staff and associates can provide remote research assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Research Help Desk

Don’t have the time or in-house expertise to research your conflict and security topic?

Let the SGG be your research arm.