Training Services

Training Approach

The SGG is committed to providing training, capacity building and conference solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. Our trainers, capacity builders and consultation facilitators are at the top of their fields and keep abreast of the latest trends, best practices and innovations in the field.

We bring a unique blend of academic excellence, policy experience and practitioner know-how that gives us the ability to connect with a broad array of actors and see issues through a variety of lenses.

Global Experience

Security Governance Group staff and associates have a strong track record in supporting educational activities, capacity building, consultations and awareness-raising initiatives across the globe. Whether in person or in cyber space, SGG-designed and managed events are innovative and impact-driven.

Training & Capacity Building

We have extensive experience designing and conducting training and capacity building courses for audiences of various backgrounds and levels of expertise. Our training courses cater to both practitioners and policy-makers and are always tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We believe in a dynamic, interactive learning environment, where trainers and participants engage with the material together to solve problems. Our courses can be conducted in person or via our online learning platform.

Curriculum Development

The Security Governance Group can design or support the development of training curriculums on specific topics or issues. The SGG bases its curriculum development on thorough needs assessments, and employs state-of-the-art training tools and pedagogical techniques.


We provide specialized mentors for individual or group capacity building in field environments, whether for a short or long-term deployment. We can offer a diverse array of potential mentors from former police and military professionals to administrators and former elected representatives.

Event Design & Management

We have significant experience in designing and managing international conferences and workshops. We offer full service event management solutions, working with our clients to design the event agenda and oversee its content, as well as manage all the logistics, from travel arrangements to event venue and hospitality services. We specialize in the integration of technology in our events, whether it is video conferencing or long-distance virtual participation via our specialized econferencing platform.

Training Courses

We have developed specific training courses that can be adapted to the needs of clients and to the unique setting in which they are presented (online or real-time).

These include:

  1. SSR 101: An introduction to the security sector reform concept and related issues. The course typically runs for 3-5 days and can be specially tailored to the needs of specific groups like policy-makers or practitioners.
  2. Thematic Training: Short courses on thematic topics and issues, including demilitarization in post-conflict environments, transitional justice approaches or anti-radicalization strategies. These courses typically run for 1-2 days.
  3. Geographic–Based Training: Training courses focused on the demands of SSR, peace building and stabilization in specific countries or regions can be produced on demand. These courses typically run for 2-5 days.

Tools and Methods

The SGG utilizes a diverse array of tools and methods in its training and capacity building courses, including:

  1. Standard Lectures: With many of our staff and associates possessing academic backgrounds, the SGG can provide skilled lecturers for classroom settings.
  2. Simulations: The SGG has several custom simulation exercises, built to reflect field conditions, which can be adapted to different courses.
  3. Interactive Exercises: The SGG believes strongly in interactive teaching approaches and has built numerous interactive exercises to engage participants.
  4. eConferencing: The SGG utilizes the latest technological tools to undertake virtual conferences that can be attended by a global audience.
  5. Multimedia: The SGG utilizes a range of multimedia tools to deepen and diversify the training experience.

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